Do I need a Commercial GAS Safety Certification?

It’s very straightforward: If you have a commercial property which has gas appliances, it is a criminal offence for you not to have a physical Gas Safety Certificate from one of us.

How to Get a Gas Safety Certificate?

We give you one during every heating job we do, so this is the best way one can get them. Reach out to us on 01332 215555 with a list of your gas-powered heaters of boilers, and we will give you a quote. You can get your gas safety certificate in a few days.

What are The Regulations?

In the UK, unsafe or faulty appliances and flues causing carbon monoxide poisoning have a documented fatality rate of 30 per year. The Gas Safety (Use and Installation) Regulations 1998 imposed duties on people who make use of gas systems to make sure that they are suitable and safe for use. Full details can be found at the Web page of the Government Gas Safety Regulations

These duties would also include you being responsible for the maintaining, servicing and inspecting of all in-service gas boilers, heaters, fires and all other types of gas burning appliances or equipment. Either you are a landlord or a tenant, self-employed or employers, this applies to you if you’re responsible for gas appliances in your business or home.

A separate or your contractual lease agreement can be used to designate the roles and responsibilities for both parties. The duties of maintenance shall fall upon those who control the property: both the landlord and tenant have obligations under Section 10 of the Health & Safety at Work (HASAW) Act 1974.

No matter what type of appliance you have, it is important to make sure that they are at least serviced yearly. Or, if necessary, even more often than what the manufacturer recommends.

What if I do Not Have a Gas Safety Certificate?

One cannot underestimate the severity of the potential consequences for failing gas safety – there are so many things that could go wrong, potentially even resulting in a fatality. It’s crucial to take any and all measures necessary to protect both yourself and your tenants from risks associated with the lack of proper testing and maintenance!

All property insurance may potentially be invaded and could possibly result in civil damages being claimed – awards in these instances have been found to be very high indeed.

How Much Will A Gas Safety Certificate Cost?

This depends on the number and what kind of gas appliances you have. The best and most cost-effective time to get a gas certificate is part of your annual maintenance.

I have just installed a new gas appliance,  do I require a certificate?

As soon as your appliance has been serviced by our GasSafe registered engineers, they’ll most times leave you with a report that explains what checks they’ve completed. This report is part of the servicing that you’re paying for, but it may also be referred to as a gas safety certificate – either way, these are different names for the same thing. If your engineer informs you that measures aren’t being taken to get this done then you should ask for a refund for your service; although, it is usually mandatory for them to provide this information if you request it and as part of their job description so there is no need to make such a fuss about it.

Gas safety info tells you when to have your gas appliance serviced by a professional and what safety features are available in the event of a gas leak.

What Info Does the Gas Safety Record Have?

At least, the gas safety check record must contain:

  • Date when the appliance or/and flue was checked
  • Any defect noticed, and any action is taken or done to fix it
  • Name, signature, and registration number of the engineer that carried out the check
  • Confirmation of the outcome of operational safety checks done on the gas
  • The address and name of the landlord (or maybe his agent where appropriate)
  • The address of the property that the appliance or/and flue was installed

Call Plumbers Derby on 01332 215555 now, and a Professional Gas Engineer will take care of your Gas Safety Certificate at the right price! Free Quotations are provided!

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